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          About Us

          Hi, I would like to introduce you to my website of Pure Precious Perfume Oils. 

          I love perfume, but hated the alcohol, chemicals and the watering down of my favorite fragrances! I have always wondered if there was a way to get a "Pure Perfume Oil" (100% Grade A - High-End) that would cost a lot less money. I know advertisement has its cost, but I could do without the fancy packaging, if only I could have a perfume oil that was the real deal.

          Well, when I finally found someone that deals with this pure perfume oil and it comes straight from the Top Designers in Paris, France...I flipped! I'm now learning everything I can about pure perfume oils, so that I can sell to you the best pure perfume oils you could ever own. I love it and I know if you try it you will also come to love it as I do. My motto is the "Best for Less"! 

          Thank you for visiting my site and do give my pure perfume oils a try - I know you will not be disappointed. Also, I have some beautiful imported crystal & designer perfume bottles which match wonderfully to the pure perfume oils!


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